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Our mission is to create a safe space where all people are encouraged and supported to connect, heal, and grow through life-changing classes taught by experienced and empowering teachers.

First time? EVERYbody is welcome in EVERY class. Come as you are, and pursue a healthy lifestyle. Don’t delay. Take class and start feeling better today.

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From Our Studio Owner

Welcome to BYUV! You don’t need to be flexible, strong, fit or have any yoga experience to join us here. Our core class is the therapeutic Original Hot Yoga (OHY) method. It’s the yoga that is suitable for anyone, any age, any size, any anything. In addition, we offer several complementary classes that are equally suitable for any level of experience, and when paired together provide a comprehensive whole-body workout and recovery system. View our classes to learn more!

My first OHY class was more than 10 years ago at the urging of my mother. I had no idea what to expect. When it was over I was exhausted, sweaty and knew my life would never be the same. When you come to take your first class, know that we have had that first day, first week, first month and are continually learning.

You’ve already taken the first step by visiting our website. Please look around the site for more information about the classes, schedule, our studio, what to expect and how to prepare. Take the next step, come to class, and make a commitment to your wellness. We can’t wait to see you soon!

Maeghan Finnigan
Studio Owner, Director

Did you know -
While we recommend signing up early for class - you can always check your MindBody app and sign up on the fly!

PRO TIP: sign in before you get to the studio to guarantee your spot

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What is range of motion (ROM) and why is it important?

ROM is the amount of movement around specific joints, where you can move with control, offering you freedom in your body. Think of it as your workspace and if you can't move it you can't train it.

If you have limited ROM in your shoulder, let's say flexion, (decreasing the angle of the joint to the body) and are consistently taking your arm overhead...another body part is helping the arm get there. In this case - usually the lower back and or neck. Inevitably this compensation will cause lower back pain and or neck pain. Why? Because the lower back and neck are not designed to work as a shoulder.

Understanding your ROM can be a key component in helping to feel your very best on and off the mat.

Come to class. Put the work in and get to know where your limitations are, learn how to address them, and gain freedom in your body.

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As we fall into that summertime groove and are feelin' that sweet sweet ☀️, tasty BBQ, gatherings with family & friends, Please remember to continue to pre-register for classes!

We know it has been awesome having the studio fully open and not having to maneuver and work that waitlist, we just want to continue to make sure when you show up-you got that spot!

PSSSS.....teachies love seeing who is planning on coming and trying to work in special for ya!


✅ No more live stream
✅ Late cancel policy is down to 3 hrs
✅ Monday 5 is a 60 Min OHY