This all started in 2004 when Maeghan walked into her first Bikram Yoga class in Portsmouth, NH and immediately fell in love with the practice. The heat, the sequence, the way it made her back pain disappear – she knew this yoga would be in her life forever. The next year she earned her 500 Hour Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification over an intensive 9-week training program. Maeghan has taught at many New England  hot yoga studios and studied with senior teachers from around the world to deepen her knowledge and experiences of this highly therapeutic yoga series. She started practicing the Classic 84 Asana series in 2007 to further her physical knowledge of the Traditional Hot Yoga method and the further possibilities of the yoga practice. She now offers the E84 Intermediate Series for BYUV students who love Traditional Hot Yoga and have the desire to explore new postures.

Maeghan is a Certified Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor and has a team of highly trained instructors on staff. BYUV students took to this High Intensity Interval Training program immediately. Maeghan couldn’t have been happier to see the immediate effects that this demanding Pilates based class on herself and the students. Inferno Hot Pilates has been a wonderful addition to the schedule, it complements the yoga that we do beautifully. Personally, it helped Maeghan manage the sciatic nerve pain she developed late in her second pregnancy and was key to taking the baby weight off post-pregnancy. Since Inferno Hot Pilates came roaring into BYUV in 2016 BYUV has hosted two teacher training sessions with attendees from all over New England and Canada.

Yin Yoga has been an interest of Maeghan’s for some time. She has enjoyed the benefits of the quiet intensity the Yin Yoga system. In 2017 she will finish her Yin Yoga training with a focus on anatomy. She will offer classes to BYUV students before the close of 2017. It is the ultimate complement to the highly demanding Traditional Hot Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates as postures are held for a long period of time and students are taught to relax into the poses without contracting their muscles.

Maeghan practices many styles of yoga, does Pilates, hikes… but the Traditional Hot Yoga Series is the core of it all. She has managed to continue her practice through marriage, moving to a new community, two pregnancies, and learning to operate a small business.

Her family is committed to this life of yoga and fitness that Maeghan has embraced. Husband Luke is dedicated to Inferno Hot Pilates; Sister Julia earned her 500 hour Raja Yoga Academy certification and is a Certified Inferno Hot Pilates instructor; Sister Hannah is trained in Inferno Hot Pilates; and her mother Beth has been committed to her Traditional Hot Yoga practice since 2003.

Locally, Maeghan works closely with community partners to create greater access to yoga and fitness for everyone in the Upper Valley. In 2017 she was a Committee Member for Cancer! Take Yoga to the Mat and was appointed Treasurer of the Board, Toddlers Morning Out. Maeghan regularly brings experts in the fields of mediation, diet and mental health to hold seminars at BYUV to introduce students to other areas of wellness. She regularly holds classes benefiting non-profit organizations throughout the Upper Valley and provides classes for athletic teams and other groups to learn ways to improve their lives through yoga. Maeghan brings a unique mix of community building, education and yoga to her practice and is passionate about helping empower students to develop healthier lifestyles and a deeper commitment to their practice.



Julia Finnigan

Julia attended her first yoga class in 2003 at the persistence of her mother.

She is Certified 500-hour Raja Yoga Academy Level 1 Therapeutic Core 26 Hot Yoga Teacher since June, 2016. After graduating, she immediately attended Level 1 200-hour Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher Training in July, 2016 and earned her Certification in January, 2017. In December, 2017 she completed Yin Yoga Training. Julia is Level 1 I.R.I.S Certified since October 2018 and attended Level 2 Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher Training in October 2018.

Julia regularly attends workshops to continue her education with Sara Curry, Eileen Devine, Esak Garcia, Louise Giordani, Zeb Homison, Lucas Miles, Rich Ray, Gabi Walters, Lynn Whitlow, and Rita Matraia. She attends and contributes her time at Raja Yoga Teacher Trainings to help teach new yoga teacher trainees. She was a USA Yoga Athlete and Super Regional Finalist in 2016. Julia developed and led Inferno Hot Pilates clinic at Granite State Yoga, Concord, NH and at BYUV in 2017. She is currently a member of USA Yoga, and Yoga Alliance.

Prior to teaching at BYUV, Julia managed horse farms, taught riding lessons and trained horses. If she’s not at BYUV, Julia is hiking with her pups, snowboarding, mountain biking, running or babysitting her nieces and nephew.


Laura McCullough

Laura is a Certified Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher and was one of the first BYUV students to take the Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher Training in April, 2016. Laura is a Certified Buti Yoga Teacher and went to training in June, 2017.

Laura began practicing yoga when she was just 16 years old in the comfort of her own home and started taking Bikram Yoga classes at BYUV 10 years later.

Laura works as a LNA (Licensed Nursing Assistant) and received a degree in Occupational Therapy in May, 2018. She has also taken several courses in anatomy, functional movement, nutrition, and muscular make up.

Laura was born and raised in Bethel Vermont. In addition to teaching, taking classes and working, she has a wonderful daughter, has been honored with the title “baby whisperer”, lover of all things spicy, a good friend to many, and a good human.


Lee Adams-Blackmore

Lea started taking Inferno Hot Pilates classes in 2016 at BYUV. She went to Boston, MA for Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher Training May of 2018.

When Lea is not teaching or taking classes at BYUV she is a student at Hanover High School. She is a volunteer at High Horses Therapeutic Riding Center, and works at Pirouette Farm.


Maggie Tiblier Pepper

Maggie has been exposed to and practiced many different forms of fitness and therapy before pursuing with Bikram Yoga.

She graduated from Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in India Spring 2016 and has returned to India several times to learn more about the roots of our yoga series.  Maggie volunteers at Bikram’s Yoga Teacher Training and attends Teri Almquist’s Teach From Love seminars.

Maggie is from an imperfect triangle in North America; born in New Orleans, raised in San Francisco and now living in Vermont.  When she’s not teaching or practicing, she is raising an active family in New England with her husband, John, or walking their golden retriever, Vega, in the woods.


Martha Perkins

Martha’s experience with Pilates’ mat work dates back to her freshman year in high school and continued through college. Later, she was a dancer and member of The Steffi Nossen Dance Company in Scarsdale, NY.

Martha attended Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher Training in January, 2017 and March, 2018. She has been teaching at BYUV since February, 2017. Her ongoing IHP teacher training includes several workshops with Lynn Whitlow.

As a collegiate and post collegiate competitive distance runner, she was All American 10,000m 1986, 32nd overall and 4th American woman, Boston Marathon 100th running in 1996. Martha has coached cross country running at the collegiate, high school and middle school levels. She is currently a Volunteer Coach at Woodstock Union High School where she teaches high school English. She has earned a BA in English/Dance from Hamilton College 1986; Ed. M. Teaching and Curriculum, Harvard University, 1990; and MA Arts of Letters Middlebury College, 1999.


Sallie Schullinger-Krause

Sallie discovered yoga in 1995 when she was living in Seattle. A friend introduced her to a class taught at a gym and was led by a woman who had studied with Bikram Choudhury in Mexico and Los Angeles.

Sallie attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training the fall of 1999. Following the training she traveled up the West Coast for six months, teaching in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. She moved to Portland, OR in 2000, and taught full time there for the next seven years. She and her husband moved to Vermont in 2010 to be closer to family, and in 2011 after a four-year hiatus, began teaching at BYUV.

Sallie continues to further her yoga education by participating in workshops, clinics and advanced practice. She is currently enrolled in e84, a two-year, 500-hour intensive study of the classic Ghosh lineage advanced postures, and the intermediate series created by Esak Garcia. She will complete her certification in June 1019. Sallie also currently holds a 500-hour certification in Yoga Therapy from the Sunjeevan Yoga Project at Kabir Baug in Pune, India. She has practiced classical Ashtanga yoga and completed an Ashtanga Teacher Enhancement course with Sarah Hall in Portland, OR.

Sallie worked in the non-profit environmental field for Greenpeace, The Northwest Energy Coalition, Arctic Network, the Bering Sea Coalition and the Oregon Environmental Council. She focused primarily on advocating for carbon reduction and renewable energy policies at the state and regional levels in the Pacific Northwest, and has sat on advisory boards for climate change mitigation and peak oil for the Governor of Oregon and the Portland City Council.

She spent her childhood in New Jersey engaged in ballet, swimming, tennis, field hockey and horseback riding. In college she majored in acting and continued to study different forms of dance and movement. She loves to read, cook, travel, spend time outdoors climbing, kayaking and hiking, and has recently picked up watercolors. She shares her life with her husband and three cats.

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