BYUV yoga is our signature yoga class.  It builds on the intelligent sequencing of the Original Hot Yoga series to work your entire body.  In addition to many of the postures that you know and love, we’ve added a few fun twists and variations that apply the scientific principles of Functional Range Conditioning to help you dive deeper into your practice and build more strength, range of motion flexibility, and resilience.  The consistency and familiarity of the OHY poses combined with the opportunity to try new poses will keep your mind engaged and your body feeling awesome. No matter what your experience, limitations, injuries, or insecurities may be-come to this class! Stretch and strengthen your entire body and leave feeling more balanced, relaxed, and confident.

Original Hot Yoga 

The Original Hot Yoga series is one of the most healing forms of movement out there. Even if you’re injured you can still come to any OHY class and not only get a workout but also heal your body from the inside out. This scientifically designed sequence follows the same 26 poses in every class and is the most accessible and effective yoga discipline in the world. Designed to improve the function and movement of every part of your body there are no prerequisites to starting this practice. You don’t have to be fit. Or flexible. Or a yogi. Or an athlete. You just need to be a person who can breathe and who wants to do something powerful to improve your life.

Inferno Hot Pilates

Inferno Hot Pilates is a high intensity / low impact workout that uses basic pilates principles done in a HIIT format. This class is a fun, challenging, full-body, work-out that strengthens muscles and burns fat — all without the pounding of a high-impact work-out. Classes are high energy and done to music with amazing group motivation. Expect to work hard, have fun, and see results very quickly! Designed for all fitness levels, this is a class that hits the cardio hard and builds stability and control in your glutes, core, and shoulders. You will walk out of this class buzzing with energy and ready to get sh*t done!

*Our IHP weights and bands class follows this same format but gives you the opportunity to take it up a notch by adding weights and resistance bands to your workout.

BYUV Fusion 

Fusion is fun and creative, combining yoga and HIIT moves- so you can hit your cardio, stretch and strengthen your muscles and leave feeling energized and satisfied.  Work through a dynamic warm-up, sun salutations, cardio, core work, and yoga poses.  This class is fun and playful with sweet beats, fun lights.  The powerful group motivation will have you working hard, and feeling connected to your community.


BYUV Flow is based on the Baptiste Power Yoga series, Journey into Power created by Baron Baptiste. Classes are challenging, yet accessible to everybody, and they focus on linking your breath to your movement,  keeping you present and focused throughout your practice. This class contains the 5 essential categories of asana – standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twists, and inversions.  This combination creates a fun, athletic vinyasa style yoga that leaves you feeling empowered and amazing!  

Yin Yoga

 Yin yoga is a slower-paced style of yoga that is done primarily in a seated position. Poses are held longer to allow the muscles to relax and to stretch the deep connective tissue and the fascia in the body. Yin primarily works the lower part of the body – the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine – which are especially rich in connective tissues. In this class, you will slow down, settle in and you will leave feeling like you just took a “mini-vacation.” It is a must try!

BYUV yoga is our signature yoga. We are so excited to bring you the latest in scientific principles and research in joint health and mobility and combine it with the health and life-changing science of our therapeutic hot yoga classes. This powerful combination is going to work your body and mind in a way where you leave feeling empowered and more in control of your whole body.

When our body parts don't work like they are supposed to, other parts of our body are forced to compensate. This is a big reason people suffer from back pain, garbage knees, and rickety shoulders.

Come to class and learn to explore and increase your range of motion in your joints and how to utilize your yoga class to build a better working body outside of the hot room.

Join us in this transformative class:
Tuesday 6 AM
Thursday 6:30 PM
Friday 9 AM

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