Fall Lifestyle Lift

Could your lifestyle use a lift?

Do you feel overwhelmed by what you are trying to accomplish in a day? Are you struggling to find the energy and motivation required to keep you moving forward?

We know we need to make some better choices, but, let’s be honest. Changing our habits, our lifestyle is hard. I mean, really hard. To say that people find making lifestyle changes almost impossible, is not an understatement. 

To successfully make BIG lifestyle changes that last, studies show we need to start with a series of small achievable, and of course rewardable goals. 

Want to be REALLY crush your goals? Surround yourself with like-minded folks who are on the same path to changing their lives and improving their health and wellness.

Together, we’re stronger

We’ve partnered with our favorite Functional Medicine health coach, Beth Finnigan. Over the years Beth has been instrumental in educating us about why and what we put into our bodies – and minds! is so important. Over the course of the program Beth will provide us with mini lessons, paired with weekly attainable goals.

Beth is a trained Functional Medicine Lifestyle Coach. Her focus is always in root cause resolution. That means looking deeper into the contributors of dis*ease we experience. 

Promises for quick fix detoxes, pre-made health food and cleanse powders are everywhere and tug at our sensibilities. And our news feeds are inundated with everyone’s gorgeous meals, post workout selfies tagged with #nevermissamonday, #keto, #flexfriday, #paleo, #vegan etc, with little to no consideration of what You need and might actually be right for You. 

We’ve lost touch with our intuitive self and our innate ability to listen to and trust our body’s messaging when it is struggling to return to its natural state of wellness. In this program we practice tuning into our bodies again and recognize that the symptoms and dis*ease we experience are opportunities for healing.

This program is loaded

  • Weekly Nutritional and Movement Goals 

These are meaningful, manageable action steps, for example: commit to sitting at the table 3x’s this week and eating your meal…

  • Accountability (complete a goal: get a ticket) One ticket will be drawn at the end of the program

Winner wins a BIG PRIZE!!!

  • Unlimited Classes at BYUV
  • 4 Educational Workshops
  • BWell with Beth Finnigan Cookbook
  • BWell with Beth Finnigan Lifestyle Lift Workbook/Journal
  • Weekly live Health and Nutritional Support w/ Functional Medicine Health Coach, Beth Finnigan
  • Weekly live personal training support w/ Maeghan and Julia 


Take four classes a week (yin counts), post it on the group’s facebook = get a ticket

Complete the lifestyle goal from Beth Finnigan, post it on FB= get a ticket

Start with our New Student Special of 30 days for $30.

Start with our New Student Special of 30 days for $30.